Night, The Beloved
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i want this on a t shirt
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Just one, I’m a few, no family too, who am I?

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The dynamics on the “Thrones” cast are quite special. Because it’s such an all-encompassing, huge cast, complete range of ages, backgrounds, trainings and experiences, it is one big happy family. It’s bizarre, but it is. - Natalie Dormer

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taran killam + cobie smulders

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These are white men presenting about black privilege in my class

Please throw a desk at them

what level of irony is this

i zoomed in 200% to read this shit

"have the right to take pride in their race"

"can never be racist. whites are always racist"

"get to play the race card"

"have the right to make blacks only organizations like the Black Student Union, and the (I can’t read the name of this organization sorry)

"rich black people have the right to be rich. rich white people dont" (LITERALLY WHAT THE FUCK)

"have the right to demonize white people"

"violent crimes by whites on blacks are "hate crimes." violent crimes by blacks on whites are called "Random crimes" 

"have the right to affirmative action and minority self-(???). Whites have to earn their positions"

i am fucking ashamed of my goddamn race this is putrid

sometimes your forget people like this exist and then just this happens

I hate white ppl now I never did but now I do sorry yall that was the last straw

this is a sin and a shame

Wow. I’m mad I read this.

My face the entire time was O_O

holy shit

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The fact that Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian Mckellen are best friends in real life makes me so happy


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This is why I can’t really fuck with these interracial love blogs and pages. I saw this crap on a instagram dedicated to being colorblind and open to people of other races because love has no color. But which one of these memes show that?

There is nothing wrong with dating outside your race but the reasons you chose to do so may be problematic as fuck. A good portion of these type of blogs are owned by people who are racist and only see a fetish not a person. Then there is the bullshat of putting x race over y race while captioning it “love has no color” your words make no fucking sense.

And it’s this right here where critical thinking is so important in the context of interracial dating. Because folks are too quick to be on that fetishizing tip……

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There was a lot of talk today about the media’s failed coverage [read: non-coverage] of the 234 Nigerian girls, thus came the #234WhiteGirls hashtag.

No, none of us wants any white girls to go missing. We just want these Nigerian girls to get the same amount of coverage that white girls get (or would get), because EVERY girl matters.


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I want!! 

neeeeed this!